WAM Clothing Pty Ltd is proud to be chosen as the EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE COPYRIGHT LICENSEE for a range of clothing bearing the Aboriginal flag design.

WAM was founded in 2018 by Semele Moore and Ben Wooster. WAM was established with a view to bring you an authentic range of clothing featuring the Aboriginal flag design.

The Aboriginal Flag was designed by Harold Thomas in 1971.

Harold is a descendant of the Luritja people and is a highly celebrated artist.

In 1995 the flag was made an official “Flag of Australia” and in 1997 the Federal Court of Australia declared that Harold Thomas was the author and owner of the copyright of the Aboriginal Flag design under the Copyright Act 1968.

Harold Thomas is paid royalties for every piece of clothing we sell.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Aboriginal flag:
BLACK represents the Aboriginal people past, present and future.
RED represents the red earth, Aboriginals spiritual relationship to the land and red ochre used in ceremonies.
YELLOW represents yellow ochre and the Sun, the giver of life.

A list of approved outlets stocking our clothing will be published in due course.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist please contact Semele or Ben directly at sales@wamclothing.com.au